How to 3ds emulator without surveys download

How to 3ds emulator without surveys

I know I did do a post before about 3DS emulation, but I think I found one. I downloaded the emulator with no surveys, and it said it needed. Yes, you can download a Nintendo 3DS emulator without survey. The emulator is called Citra. I warn you that it is not fully functional and has a number of bugs. Nintendo 3DS Emulator is a software application which has the ability to emulate Nintendo 3ds games in PC i.e in windows operating system.

does sombaddy know a emulator for n3ds cuz i neet 1 i wanna play pokemon on pc for the fun of it havent got a n3ds. Download our exclusive and new 3DS Emulator for free to play 3DS games on your PC, Mac, Android and iOS with No Survey. Pokemon X and Y 3D Graphics. Posts about 3DS Emulator Download No Survey No Password written by lonasummers