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Code 93 is a barcode symbology designed in by Intermec to provide a higher density and data security enhancement to Code It is an alphanumeric, . Free Code Generator: This free online barcode generator creates all 1D and 2D barcodes. Download the generated barcode as bitmap or vector image. Code 93 is also known as. ANSI/AIM Code 93; Uniform Symbology Specification Code 93; USS Code 93; USS 93; Code 9/3; USS; USD-3; Code

Technical information about the Code 93 bar code symbology. Code 93 is a more compact version of Code It encodes the same character set as Code 39, but uses 9 barcode elements per character instead of Code 93 was designed to complement and improve upon Code Code 93 is similar in that it, like Code 39, can represent the full ASCII character set by using .

Code - free barcode generator with BWR (bar width reduction). Download Code barcodes as vector (PDF, AI, EPS) or image (PNG, JPG). Using the Code 93 barcode font. For example, to encode the data "", you can key in the following in your text editor and choose the Code 93 barcode. Code 93 is a high density barcode that contains two check characters called the C and K check characters. The regular Code 93 barcode supports 47 characters .