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X3ap xrm

BUG FIXING - Many bugs that exist in X3TC have been fixed in the XRM, including cockpit positions, turret and camera issues, model problems. HI, sorry for TL;DR, but I want to be understood correctly. Many people say XRM is much better than vanilla game. I've just tried it, played few. I came back to X3AP too since the XR fiasco, to knock off some achievements, want to play the XRM mod but does anyone know if it modifies.

Does anyone have experience with both of these mods? I just had my XRM save get corrupted some how, and I am debating between starting. Transport efficiency: The higher the efficiency rating, the better the ship is at transporting wares. This is mainly a useful number for deciding which TS to use for. The X3 Rebalance Mod (XRM) is a total conversion mod of X3 Terran . To reload the hulls for all ships (if using a hull pack), run X3AP, enter.

Becouse now I play modded version of AP (XRM - X Rebalance Mod) I will speak of my expirience with this mod. 1. In vanilla AP playing as Terran is very limited.